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This corner of my studio allows for the production of drawings too big for the easel and drawing board. As you can see, it also doubles as a pin board for visual references and semi-finished works on paper. This image records my photo short list from nearly 1000 photos taken at Saraji over two days. This is where the work for the Saraji exhibition began. Photos with spots refer to the strongest compositions. Yellow stick-it notes recorded thoughts about colour or composition. Some photos were used simply as visual references for paintings. The photos were taken using various filters to assist in broadening the collection of visual information. To me this represented week one of my Long-Service-Leave. Most people plan on going on holidays or relaxing. I was spinning the cogs getting ready for long days in the studio.

These are some pages from my visual diary at the time. They amount to visual explorations looking to get closer to a starting point that was not loaded with too many options.

...colour notes in gouache, starting with red/green palette (sky) considering yellow/purple (earth)

This testing with gouache made it easier to limit and refine my palette for the first painting. (reds & greens/yellows & purples)

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