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Work in Progress 5

The lean 'ground' in this canvas you can see has been started with a more traditional tone; a little like a blue-black. Other paintings were begun with different colours, slowly adding darker colours to build up required tonal relationships from light to dark. In this ground the lights, mid-tones and darks were worked in together and rather quickly, looking to sketch in marks and tones that later can be selected for their usefulness or edited out as erroneous. This accounts for the overly busy mark-making in the rendered terraces. To add in some colour, a peachy, warm hue was added as a transparent hue over this layer to assist in filling out the mid-tones and introducing some warmth.

In this image you can see opaque colour have been added over the top of the two layers of lean paint, together comprising a simple 'ground'.

The image was completed with a series of dark glazes and a dark stained maranti frame.

...details after final glazing.


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